Miss Tutu’s Star

Illustrated by Carey Armstrong-Ellis
Published by Abrams Books, 2010

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Selena loves to dance, so her mother takes her to Miss Tutu’s School of Ballet, where, with a lot of help from her teacher and a little help from one mischievous cat, she becomes a star! Told in rhyming verse, this is a charming picture book for anyone who loves to dance.

Why I wrote this book

As a child, I had a wonderful ballet teacher named Mrs. Saunders who always encouraged me despite my clumsiness. Miss Tutu’s Star is for children like me who may not have the grace of a prima ballerina, but who do have a love of dance.


Selena was a little girl
Who did not walk so much as twirl
Who did not skip so much as prance
Because Selena loved to dance.

While all her friends ran off to play
Selena practiced her ballet.
She danced until her feet were sore
And then Selena danced some more….

©2008 Lesléa Newman


“In this rhyming story, Selena loves to twirl and prance, so her mother enrolls her in Miss Tutu’s Dance Academy. Selena is a slightly chubby and not inherently graceful girl with plenty of bounce and a determination to succeed…. The protagonist is a likable character with lots of heart. Many children will recognize themselves in this agreeable offering.”