Felicia’s Favorite Story

Illustrated by Adriana Romo
Published by Two Lives Publishing, November 2002
Ages 4 and up

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It’s bedtime and Felicia wants to hear her very favorite story—the story of how she was adopted. So Mama Linda and Mama Nessa tell Felicia how they flew off in a big silver airplane to meet her; how they loved her as soon as they saw her; and how they named her Felicia, a Spanish word that means “happy” because Felicia was such a happy baby and because having her in their family makes Mama Linda and Mama Nessa very, very happy.

Felicia Illustration
Illustration from Felicia’s Favorite Story.
©2002 Adrianna Romo

Why I wrote this book

I have several friends who have adopted children from foreign countries: Guatemala, Cambodia, Vietnam and India. I wrote Felicia’s Favorite Story so these children would have a book about a family like theirs they could read to themselves and share with their friends.


Felicia was putting the last piece of her Animals Around The World puzzle in place when the clock hanging over the kitchen table chimed eight times. Mama Nessa looked up from the pot she was scrubbing. “It’s eight o’clock, Felicia,” she said. “You know what that means.”

“Bedtime.” Felicia made a face.

“I have an idea.” Mama Linda finished wiping off the stove and sat down next to Felicia. “If you put on your pajamas and brush your teeth quick as a bunny, I’ll come upstairs and read you a story.”

“I want Mama Nessa to come, too,” Felicia said.

“I’ll come up right after I finish these dishes,” said Mama Nessa as she rinsed out a cup.

Felicia ran upstairs and put on her favorite pajamas, the ones with the fuzzy yellow ducks swimming up the sleeves. After she brushed her teeth she hopped into bed and yelled, “I’m ready!”

“Ready or not, here I come,” Mama Linda called as she climbed up the stairs. She tucked Felicia in with Rosa, Felicia’s soft, cuddly teddy bear. “Now, which book do you want to hear?” Mama Linda asked, squatting down in front of Felicia’s bookcase.

“I don’t want you to read me a book,” Felicia said. “I want you to tell me a story.”

“Okay,” said Mama Linda. “Which story would you like to hear?”

“My very favorite story,” said Felicia.

“Your very favorite story…” Mama Linda repeated, tapping her forehead as though she were trying to remember.

“And which story is that?”

“You know,” Felicia cried. “The story of how I was adopted.”

“Oh, that story.” Mama Linda smiled as she sat down on Felicia’s bed which was soft as a cloud and began…

©2000 Lesléa Newman


“What could make a better bedtime story for the young ones than a children’s book about a bedtime story? That’s the gist of Felicia’s Favorite Story, a sensitive, tender tale with all the correct touches… this fine children’s book is a lullaby.”