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Excerpt - Write from the Heart

Character: Who's Who
Who do you want to write about?
Of all the elements of fiction, character is the most important. When I think about my life and what is most important to me, the first thing that comes to mind are the people I know and love. It's the same with writing fiction. The characters who people your story are what will concern you, move you, amuse you, intrigue you, inspire you and surprise you.
A character you choose to write about can be based on any of the following: yourself at any age, anyone you know, anyone you don't know (such as a famous person), a composite of several or many people rolled into one, a perfect stranger, or someone you haven't a clue about and are making up as you go along.
The only essential ingredient in choosing a character to write about is that he or she be someone you love. Though you must love your characters, you don't necessary have to like them. In fact, you may even hate some of your characters, but you must love them as well. One way to define love is "paying attention to." Thus, the opposite of love is not hate (which takes a lot of attention) but not caring at all. So when I say you must love your characters, what I mean is you must pay attention to them and care about them enough to notice every detail about them. Choose your characters carefully, as you will be spending a great deal of time with them.

Reviews - Former Editon "Writing from the Heart"

"For presenting the basics of writing structure and technique in an easy, non-threatening means, this book has few peers." --Lambda Book Report

"A book that's going to have a prominent place on my bookshelf for use in my own writing and teaching." --New Times

"Unintimidating, upbeat and encouraging." --Daily Hampshire Gazette

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