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Write from the Heart
Ten Speed Press, 2003
Do you want to be a writer? If so, Write from the Heart (formally titled Writing from the Heart) is the book for you! It contains dozens of practical, down-to-earth writing exercises that help both emerging and established writers learn how to capture the emotional truths of their lives into powerful stories. Chapters are broken down into the elements of fiction: place, action, characters, monologue, dialogue, point of view and plot. Write from the Heart can be used by individuals or in writing groups and classrooms. This new edition has been expanded to include a section on writing poetry, and the chapter on publishing has been completely updated and revised.


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Ages 14 and up

Why I wrote this book
I taught writing workshops called Write from the Heart for many years. When I stopped teaching, I decided to put all the exercises I had used in my workshops into a book so that anyone who wanted to learn how to write fiction could use the exercises as a tool. When I don't know what to write next, I often do a writing exercise from my own book to get me started again!


The writer at work! / Photo © Mary Vazquez   


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