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Too Far Away to Touch
Illustrated by Catherine Stock
Published by Clarion Books, 1995

Uncle Leonard is lots of fun to be with. He takes Zoe on exciting adventures and tells her jokes that make her laugh. But today Uncle Leonard is sick. He feels tired and he coughs a lot. Still, Uncle Leonard takes Zoe to the Planetarium and pastes glow-in-the-dark stars on her bedroom ceiling. Zoe knows that whatever happens, Uncle Leonard, like the stars will always be there for her, "too far away to touch, but close enough to see."


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Ages 5 to 9

Why I wrote this book
My very good friend, Gerard Rizza, died of AIDS in 1992. I wrote this book to honor Gerard and to remind myself that even though, like the stars, he is now too far away to touch, he is also close enough to see. How can I see him? By closing my eyes and picturing him in my mind.
[Photo: When I wrote Too Far Away to Touch, I wore these earrings to remind me of my friend Gerard, who loved the stars.]

Photo © Mary Vazquez


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