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A Fire Engine for Ruthie
illustrated by Cyd Moore [cydmoore.com]
Clarion Books, forthcoming, Fall 2004

Ruthie is visiting Nana, who has lots of toys for her to play with: dolls and paints and pretty dress-up clothes. But Ruthie wants to play with fire engines and trains and motorcycles, like Brian who lives up the street. Ruthie uses her imagination to try and make the toys at Nana's house into the toys she longs for, and shows Nana how much fun it is for girls to play with cars and trucks and buses.

Upcoming Book

A Fire Engine for Ruthie

Why I wrote this book
I have a young friend who, like Ruthie, loves to play with cars and motorcycles. Some people think only boys should play with toys like that. I wrote A Fire Engine for Ruthie because I think girls should play with whatever toys they think are fun. (And the same goes for boys!)

Photo Mary Vazquez

A fire engine for Lesléa!
      A fire engine for Lesléa!


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