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Remember That
Illustrated by Karen Ritz
Published by Clarion Books, 1996

Friday night is Shabbos and that means special time with Bubbe. Bubbe makes the best chicken soup in the world, and she says, "Always eat when you're hungry. Remember that." When Bubbe can no longer cook and take care of her apartment, she moves into a nursing home. Even though her life is changing, some things, like the love between Bubbe and her granddaughter, will never, ever change.
Remember That won the 1992 Highlights for Children fiction writing award.



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Ages 5 to 9

Why I wrote this book
When my grandmother, Ruth Levin was 99 years old, she moved into a nursing home. She had lived in her apartment in Brooklyn, NY for almost 50 years, so this change was hard for both of us to get used to. But even though some things were changing, some things never changed: the fact that she was my grandmother and I was her granddaughter and we loved each other very much. I wrote Remember That to honor my grandmother, and so I would remember all the important things she told me.


My grandmother, Ruth Levin and me.

[Photo: My grandmother, Ruth Levin and me. In this photo, I am 33 years old, and she is 99.]


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