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Saturday Is Pattyday
Illustrated by Annette Hegel
Published by New Victoria Pub., 1993

Frankie's parents, Allie and Patty have decided not to live together anymore, so yesterday Patty moved into her own apartment. Frankie talks to Patty on the phone every day, and on Saturday he goes to visit her. They have a picnic in the park and Patty reminds Frankie that adults get divorced, not kids. Even though Patty doesn't live with Frankie anymore, she will "always, always, always, always" be his parent.
Saturday is Pattyday was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist in 1994.


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Ages 5 to 9

Why I wrote this book
While there are many books that explain divorce to kids, before Saturday Is Pattyday was published, there weren't any such books that featured a child with two moms. I wrote this book so that children who were going through the same thing as Frankie would have a book to read that would comfort them.
[Photo: Here I am with Annette Hegel, who illustrated Saturday is Pattyday.]

Here I am with Annette Hegel.


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