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Felicia's Favorite Story

Illustrated by Adriana Romo
Published by Two Lives Publishing, November 2002
Ages 4 and up

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It's bedtime and Felicia wants to hear her very favorite story--the story of how she was adopted. So Mama Linda and Mama Nessa tell Felicia how they flew off in a big silver airplane to meet her; how they loved her as soon as they saw her; and how they named her Felicia, a Spanish word that means "happy" because Felicia was such a happy baby and because having her in their family makes Mama Linda and Mama Nessa very, very happy.

Why I wrote this book
I have several friends who have adopted children from foreign countries: Guatemala, Cambodia, Viet Nam and India. I wrote Felicia's Favorite Story so these children would have a book about a family like theirs they could read to themselves and share with their friends.

Illustration from Felicia's Favorite Story
©2002 Adrianna Romo


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