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Excerpt - Fat Chance

Dear Diary:
      I am so disgusted with myself. I weigh 129 pounds and I look like an elephant. I swear, if I wore a gray pair of pants and a gray top, they would definitely put me in the zoo.
      What happened is this. I pigged out last night at the Aaronson' house where I baby-sit. Before Mr. and Mrs. Aaronson left, they gave me like a million phone numbers in case there was an emergency, and then Mrs. Aaronson said, "Help yourself to whatever you want, Judy, you know where everything is." I sure do, dear Diary. I really wish Mrs. Aaronson would say, "Now don't eat us out of house and home, Judi," or something like that. Then maybe I'd be able to behave myself. But me behave myself?
      Fat chance. Everything was okay while Eric and Michelle were still up. I helped them get into their PJ's and read them stories and made some shadow puppets on the wall for them, which they really liked. Maybe I'll be a kindergarten teacher when I grow up--everyone says I'm good with kids. I don't know though, that doesn't seem too exciting.
      Anyway, once Eric and Michelle were sleeping, there wasn't all that much for me to do. I mean, I brought my homework along, but that was just too depressing, to be doing French grammar on Saturday night. I mean, Saturday night is supposed to be date night, everyone knows that. I'll probably never get asked out on a date. I'll probably spend every Saturday night of my entire life watching other people's kids so they can go out and have a good time. And what am I doing while everyone's out partying away? Eating of course...
© 1994 Lesléa Newman

Reviews - Fat Chance

"Judi's convincing voice and true-to-life experiences add up to a compelling, thought-provoking narrative...This book should be required reading for adolescent girls."
--Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"A fabulous book which I recommend without reservation to people of any age who have asked themselves, 'Why did I eat that?'" --Los Angeles Times

"What Newman really gets right is the voice....the angst and the details are perfect."

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