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Excerpt - Runaway Dreidel!

'Twas the first night of Chanukah and on the fifth floor,
There was holiday hustling and bustling galore:

Papa was shining the silver menorah,
Mama was wrapping a gift for Aunt Dora.

Grandma was slicing up two chocolate babkas,
Grandpa was grating potatos for latkes.

Sister was stirring the soup with a ladle,
And I at her feet spun my shiny new dreidel.

Each letter flew by: nun, gimel, hey, shin,
It was making me dizzy to see them all spin.

So I reached out my fingers to grab my new top,
But that silly old dreidel, it just wouldn't stop!
© 2000 Lesléa Newman


Reviews - Runaway Dreidel!

"With a mix of fun and fantasy, Newman offers the story of a Hanukah dreidel with a mind of its own. The young narrator spins his holiday gift, adn the dreidel takes off: through the living room, out the door, across the street, past the shops and into the country where it flies up to the sky and becomes a star. The characters are in Orthodox garb, and throughout there is an air of modern life and history melding. A wild evocative adventure." -- Booklist (starred review)
"Acclaimed author Lesléa Newman spins a rollicking poem-story in Runaway Dreidel! Sure to become a Chanukah classic!" --Washington Post
"One of the most refreshing Chanukah stories I've read in a long time, Runaway Dreidel! is a fun read for everyone no matter what your religious affiliation...packed with smiles and embellished with terrific illustrations on every page."
--Kendal A. Rautzhan, syndicated columnist, "Books to Borrow, Books to Buy"

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