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The Best Cat in the World
Illustrated by Ronald Himler, Ages 4-8
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., February 2004

Victor and his mom and their cat Charlie are a family. But Charlie is old, and when he dies, Victor is too sad to think about getting another pet. With some encouragement from Charlie's vet, Victor adopts a new kitten named Shelley. At first Victor is disappointed that Shelley acts differently than Charlie, but as he grows to love her for who she is, Victor realizes that every cat is "the best cat in the world."

Why I wrote this book
One day I asked my cat, Princess Sheba Darling, "Are you the best cat in the world?" As she purred her reply, I remembered I used to ask my old cat Couscous the very same question. I realized that every cat is the best cat in the world and so I wrote a book in which a child comes to the very same conclusion.

Photo 2004 Mary Vazquez

Here I am with Princess
Sheba Darling. You can
see a picture of Couscous
on the FAQ page.


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